Shauna from Shady PI

Shauna’s husband got in touch with me. He had a hunch his marriage was going to shits. After 10 years, he had a gut feeling. You know the story. You work your ass off to provide for a whore and the stupid kids. Then you get stabbed in the back by the whole family, for being an absent husband and parent. That dirty slut Shauna got herself a young dick to pound her snatch in the afternoons. But hey, that's all my client's fault, right... When I showed my client the tape, he was grateful that I saved him a shitload of money in alimony. For all he cared, after being fucked over after 10 years, his whole family could now live on the streets.
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This shocking and confidential footage is now exposed over the internet. These whores back-stabbed innocent guys and I've crossed professional ethics to offer payback - don't date those pieces of shit!

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