Leslie from Shady PI

When Leslie's husband called me, he was like all the other idiots out there. He was suspicious, but couldn't believe he was getting cheated on. Even with all the tell-tale signs his wife was giving him, he couldn't get the big picture. I trailed Leslie for a few days and got some good shots of her walking around. Eventually she hooked up with her dude. They ran a few errands, holding hands. When I showed stills to my client, he got angry. I wired the bedroom with my hidden cams and missed them. These assholes like to do it in the shower. I reset my setup. Leslie invited her boy toy. When the client saw the footage he was devastated but happy to get this piece of shit out of his life.
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This shocking and confidential footage is now exposed over the internet. These whores back-stabbed innocent guys and I've crossed professional ethics to offer payback - don't date those pieces of shit!

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